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 Post subject: IMPORTANT - ** Must read before applying **
PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:12 am 
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What we're about:

Dominant is an active raiding guild. Our concentration is on high end raiding content and PvP. Our goal is to spend at least 4-5 nights a week getting together and kicking ass in WoW. This means tight pre-form PvP groups, instance farming, and breaking into new PvE content. We love challenges. Refer to our main site for more information.

What we look for in a member:

Maturity: Activity in our website forums, raid or guild chat or ventrilo is to occur in a mature fashion. Orders are meant to be followed and decisions of guild officers are to be accepted and respected. Also: NO DRAMA. We don't tolerate it, ever.

Activity: A high level of activity is a prerequisite for membership in Dominant. If you are accepted in to the guild you will be expected to attend our 40-man raids and be online at least 3 to 4 nights a week. We normally raid weekdays between the times of 6pm and 11pm PST and weekends at various times. If these times are not acceptable, please do not apply.

Stability: Players must have a stable internet connection and a stable computer system. Constant disconnections and need to restart slow down the raid and hamper our efficiency. No dial-up users, please.

Performance: You must know how to play your character in a raid setting and know how that class interacts best in each raid environment. Your choice of gear and spec should create the most utility to a 40-man raid.

How to join:

WE DO NOT TAKE PLAYERS THAT HAVE PURCHASED / TRADED ACCOUNTS. Do your own work getting your character to 60. The biggest requisite of this guild is knowledge of your class. We don't take shortcuts. If we find out that you bought or traded your account you will not remain in the guild (firstly for lying to us, secondly for the above reasons).

To begin the application process, please copy and then post the following application at the end of this post. Please be as specific as possible and do not leave any questions unanswered. If you supply inaccurate information (such as "padding" your play time) you will be removed. Please be honest. Spending more than a few quality minutes with your application will ensure more enthusiasm on our part to possibly recruiting you, while spending less usually means you'll get flamed.

If we think you sound good we might invite you on some of our raids or chat with you in-game. If it goes well we will give you a trial membership. You have 1 -2 weeks to impress us with your elite skills, your awesome attitude and effort to build friendships with our members. If we are not impressed, we will seek out a more qualified member.


Requirements: Please do not even think about applying if you do not meet the following simple equirements:

Level 70

Attuned to Karazhan

Must sufficiently understand the English language (both verbally and written)


Everyone applying is required to have this software. It is not necessary that you have a microphone, as long as you are able to listen to what is going on during a raid, but get one anyway ;).

Download Ventrilo Client:


What will give you the edge over others: Gear, experience, and availability. Hands down if you have all three you have an excellent chance of joining this guild.



Don't join this guild for loot. Come to progress and work as a tightly-knit team of skilled players. Once you can do that the loot will pour in and everyone will become decked out very quickly.

Loot goes where it is most beneficial to the guild. Everyone here understands that. If you can't grasp why the first Askhandi would go to a warrior over a hunter, then take your opinions to Thottbot.


Recruitment form:

Copy and paste the following questions into a post in this forum. State your character name, level, race and class as the subject.

(i.e. Hellbourne - 60 NE Warrior)


Your Name :

Character Name :

Your Age :

Level, Race, Class :

Are you fully attuned (Karazhan) :

Your current talent spec and why:

Your current gear (link to your armory/relevant CTProfiles) :

Experience in BC and Pre-BC raiding :

Highest PvP rank:

Your guild history (briefly) :

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us?

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

Your Optimal Play Times: (we will never raid before 6pm PST on any weekday)

(we usually send invites at 5:30pm and are ready to pull at 6)

Monday Earliest :

Monday Latest :

Tuesday Earliest :

Tuesday Latest :

Wednesday Earliest :

Wednesday Latest :

Thursday Earliest :

Thursday Latest :

Friday Earliest :

Friday Latest :

Saturday Earliest :

Saturday Latest :

Sunday Earliest :

Sunday Latest :


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