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 Post subject: Ensing - 60 NE Rogue
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 2:48 pm 
-Your Name :


-Character Name :


-Your Age :


-Level, Race, Class :

60, Night Elf, Rogue

-Are you fully attuned (MC/Ony/BWL) :


-Your current talent spec :

20/31 Combat Swords. Great PvE damage with versatility towards PvP. Always willing to change my spec to support the guild.

-Your current gear (briefly) :

7/8 Nightslayer

1/8 BF

Visíkag + Brutality Blade

Rings, trinkets, etc

-Experience in PvP, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL :

Zul'gurub - Check

The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Check

Molten Korea - Check

Black Wing Lair - Check

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj ---> Princess Huhuran

-Your guild history (briefly) :

Ethereal ---> Disband ---> /cry

-Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

My story begins about a year ago. It was summer, and one of my friends and I decided to buy WoW for kicks. I never thought I'd become so serious about this game. As I progressed through World of Warcraft, I began to notice the large portion of rogues in the game. Damn, I knew the class sounded too appealing. Shortly after reaching 60, I quickly geared up, and began running end-game. I was very competitive. I looked up good PvE specs. I read up on tips for rogues in end-game. I was always top dps. I wanted to excel even further. I quit Mining/Engineering to take up Herbalism/Alchemy. Every week I farmed a sufficient amount of pots to last me through every single raid. This wasn't enough for me. I began adding Blasted Lands buffs to my array. I was top dps by hundreds of thousands. I still farm buffs weekly to this day.

Later in my WoW "career" I joined Ethereal. Ethereal was already a well established guild on Ner'zhul. I came in as the underdog. Now hold up, don't get me wrong, I'm not the conceited or egotistic type, I swear, but when I joined Ethereal I was surprised to see that I could compete sufficiently against rogues with much better gear than me. As I grew more and more accustomed to BWL, my dps was pushed further and further. By the end of my career with Ethereal, I was the top dps, second only to Purples.

Honestly, Iím just lookiní for a chill bunch of people to raid with, no drama, cause I got enough of that in my life. Tall glass of milk, comfy chair, kick back, chillax, and burn through Blizzardís end game content. ëNuff said.

Typical Ethereal Nefarion DPS


PS: I love PvP!

Much Heart


-Your Optimal Play Times: (we will never raid before 6pm PST on any weekday)

(we usually send invites at 5:30pm and are ready to pull at 6)

Monday Earliest : 1:30

Monday Latest : 11:30

Tuesday Earliest : 1:30

Tuesday Latest : 11:30

Wednesday Earliest : 5:00

Wednesday Latest : 11:30

Thursday Earliest : 1:30

Thursday Latest : 11:30

Friday Earliest : 1:30

Friday Latest : 11:30

Saturday Earliest : 1:30

Saturday Latest : 12:30

Sunday Earliest : Anytime

Sunday Latest : 11:30

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