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 Post subject: Skiptomyloo 60 Druid
PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:31 pm 
Your Name : Michael Liao

Character Name : Skiptomyloo

Level, Race, Class : 60 NE Druid

Are you fully attuned (MC/Ony/BWL) : Yes

Your current talent spec : 20/31/0

Experience in PvP, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL : I've played multiple characters to 60, and do BGs pretty often. I've played extensively as a rogue, priest, paladin, and druid, so I'm able to fulfill both roles of healing and bitch-slapping that warrior. I've done MC to Rag before (not on this character), as well as a few bosses into ZG. I in a random PUG with no guildies got Kurinaxx down to 52% at AQ20 - that didn't go so well, although I avoided the bubbles pretty well. I have not set foot into BWL, although I am attuned. This is my current main and do not raid actively with the other characters.

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us? Our guild Chosen is made up of RL friends, and as of now have had trouble being able to do large raiding activities by ourselves. Having geared to 60, we feel that the next logical step is to enter MC/BWL/AQ20/40/ZG, what have you.

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server? Besides providing l33t Leader of the Pack DPS, I as well as my friends are extremely skilled at both supporting and communicating with each other. Besides being mature ages, we are friendly and help out whenever is needed. We also like to PvP a lot as well, so whenever there's a preform up we're always down. This is turning into a Chosen application, but in all honesty I can recommend anyone in Chosen to you at this point.

In addition, I have played many classes to 60, so I know a great deal about healing, damage, and tactics including the "beatdown healers and chain-root warriors" strategy. I also listen carefully and follow directions. Besides that, I hate shamans with a vengeance.

Your Optimal Raid Times: (we will never raid before 6pm PST on any weekday)

Monday Earliest : 5:00 PM

Monday Latest : 12:00 AM

Tuesday Earliest : 7:00 PM

Tuesday Latest : 12:00 AM

Wednesday Earliest : 5:00 PM

Wednesday Latest : 12:00 AM

Thursday Earliest : 7:00 PM

Thursday Latest : 12:00 AM

Friday Earliest : 5:00 PM

Friday Latest : 12:00 AM

Saturday Earliest : 12:00 PM

Saturday Latest : 12:00 AM

Sunday Earliest : 12:00 PM

Sunday Latest : 12:00 AM

 Post subject: Re: Skiptomyloo 60 Druid
PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:34 am 
Guild Master

Joined: Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:35 pm
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Skiptomyloo wrote:
Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server? Besides providing l33t Leader of the Pack DPS...

I Heart l33t Leader of the Pack DPS. Some guilds force druids to go resto, I say tear into your enemies with your claws and be ready to fill in for a tank if needed ;).

Awesome application, skip. Looking forward to getting you in here!

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