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 Post subject: New Application - Farah
PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:03 pm 
Your Name : Josh

Character Name : Farah

Your Age : 23

Level, Race, Class : 60 NE Rogue

Are you fully attuned (Ony/BWL/Naxx) : Yes all of them and MC.

Your current talent spec : Currently I'm a Hemo pve spec, it's weird, and it will change come Tuesdays patch most likely.

Your current gear (briefly) :

Have you killed C'thun and Ouro? Not yet with my prior guild but I want to.

Experience in Naxx : Yes, fully cleared spider wing, noth, ras, and have done work on Patchwerk

Highest PvP rank: Knight it's hard without an organized group sometimes

Your guild history (briefly) : Grog of War, which was absorbed into Hokuten, which later became Northern Sky, that is where I am coming from currently.

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us? Well Northern Sky seems to have made it policy to bring a Green item equipped rogue to Naxx, because he is someones fiancee. This in addition to a couple other rediculous things going on right now is why I am applying here.

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

I don't slack off. If you aren't going to come to a raid with everything you've got there is no point in your being there.

I want to see Naxx and the rest of AQ I don't care about the loot. It is all going to be obsolete come expansion anyway. I'm about raid progression, and have passed upgrades onto other rogues to help with that, hence some of my equipment choices. NS pants enchanted vs BF pants etc.

I'm fairly well geared, and while Hemo specced I have managed to maintain a top 10 slot throughout the raids.

Your Optimal Play Times: (we will never raid before 6pm PST on any weekday)

(we usually send invites at 5:30pm and are ready to pull at 6)

Monday Earliest : Any time

Monday Latest : Any time

Tuesday Earliest : Currently 4:30pm (school)

Tuesday Latest : 1am

Wednesday Earliest : 7:30pm (work)

Wednesday Latest : Any time

Thursday Earliest : Currently 4:30pm (school)

Thursday Latest : Any time

Friday Earliest : Any time

Friday Latest : Any time

Saturday Earliest : Currently 7:30pm (work)

Saturday Latest : Any time

Sunday Earliest : Currently 7:30pm (work)

Sunday Latest : Any Time

My work schedule is flexible and school is out in a week. until Spring semester

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