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 Post subject: [Warrior] Roree -- Transferee, perhaps
PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:43 pm 
I guess I can go ahead and preface this knowing you are doing fine on warriors, but I'll throw myself into the fray if you have the desire. On to the super fun app part.

Your Name: Ryan Ham

Character Name : Roree (Laughing Skull)

Your Age : 19

Level, Race, Class : 60, Night Elf, Warrior

Are you fully attuned (Ony/BWL/Naxx) : Attuned to all.

Your current talent spec : 17/34/0

Now, once you know my gear, you're going to say "wtf." I've tinkered so much with specs, trying to figure out exactly what's needed, what works best for my play-style, and I come up with this spec. It's treating me well so far. I've been every basic spec there's been in the major trees, so I can handle respeccing for necessity.

Your current gear (briefly) :

I have 3/8 wrath and 6/8 might, most of the top DPS gear I have access to up to the Twin Emps. You can check out my ctprofiles link for more detail on that. This includes my DPS, Tanking, NR, and FR sets.

Experience in PvP, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, Naxx :

The highest rank I've achieved has been Knight-Captain. I've lost my time to PvP recently with having to farm the money I need for repair bills, potions, and the like. I've led/tanked all of ZG and AQ20, same with MC. In BWL I have tanked every boss excluding Nefarian. AQ40 I have experienced up to the Twin Emps. In Naxx I've killed the Instructor and that's been the extent of my history there.

Your guild history (briefly) :

I started my raiding with The Paragon, in an off or main tank position, whichever was needed. I left this group on good terms to create my own raiding guild, which ended up tanking, as one of the larger guilds on our server created a feeder guild that took most of the prospects I could have used, including a few officers. I went from there to Catalyst, where I really started getting into End Game. When I got there, we hadn't yet killed Rag. I was there through Chromagg, for every wipe and kill for a couple months. I made a lot of good friends here, and it's why I'm considering transferring. I eventually became the warrior officer of Catalyst. We ended up merging with another guild on our server to create my current guild, Vim Dynasty. I was asked to be one of the four commanders of this guild, and accepted. Running ZG, keeping track of what's needed, all that jazz. I thought it was working out well, contrary to my original belief.

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us?

I go out on a Thursday night and come back to hear that most of my good in-game friends have quit the game. The few that are left, namley Murlock and Coformity, tell me they're transferring. Shoot me a link, and then I begin to contemplate. I play this game to have fun. Raiding with good friends is fun to me. Raiding with a bunch of people who worry incessantly about loot and other factors of the game that aren't necessary just burns me out.Yes, I am a high-ranking officer in a guild that's progressed through one boss in Naxx, but what's the point if I have absolutely no fun in doing it? Reading your guild information, how you (seem to) treat each other, and actually care about maturity, it just seems like a good place.

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

Well, for one, I'm not from your server, which could be a good reason, depending on what you think of the general populace of your server. Beyond that, I've been told I'm not terrible at what I do. I tank what I must and I hit what I must. I go beyond waiting for people to give me what I need, pots, strats, the like, and figure it out for myself. Before recent events, I was going to spec into improved demorilizing shout just for the twin emps fight.

Your Optimal Play Times:

Given that I start college again in 15 days, having no set raid time, or very early raid times, isn't exactly kosher. I live in Illinois, so your start times will work quite well. My class times allow a pretty stretched time window for me to be able to raid. I'm pretty sure I'll be available from 5 pst to basically any time, though I do have an 8 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays that isn't conducive to sleeping for 2 hours a night, but I can deal.

So what else?

Well, beyond the in-game stuff, I'm a normal (ish?) 19 year-old. I'm going to school at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, studying Music Education. I'm going into my Sophomore year, and I play trombone, mainly for the chicks (they dig trombone players, really...) I'm a general music whore, as my good friend Ealdun said, I was the Indie kid of our guild.

If you'd like to talk to me about anything else, you can find me on AIM most of the time at siucham. Later.

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