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 Post subject: 60 Mage- Plan to transfer
PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 6:18 am 
Your Name : Michael

Character Name : Kryshade (subject to change on the server transfer)

Your Age : 20

Level, Race, Class : 60, Human Mage

Are you fully attuned (Ony/BWL/Naxx) : Character is fully attuned and ready to go for whatever can be thrown at me.

Your current talent spec : 10 Arcane/0 Fire/41 Frost

Your current gear (briefly) : - I know its rather lacking at the moment, but I have the time to commit to change it.

Experience in PvP, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, Naxx :

PvP, I have attained one rank 12 character hordeside. As for everything else, I have completed everything just about.. Have done all of ZG, AQ20, MC, and BWL. in AQ, I have completed everything up to C'thun. I also have various experiences in Naxx, but no sound boss kills yet.

Your guild history (briefly) :

First guild was Obliterated on Crushridge. We were pretty much the top guild from the start and up to AQ, although it eventually disbanded due to leadership problems. My second guild was Machin Shin, on Zuljin. Raided with them for Nef-C'thun. Guild went on a decline and lost leadership as well.

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us? I am at the moment unguilded. I am seeking a guild that I can get back into raiding with currently, and will transfer where I need to go to do so.

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

I feel I would be one of the best people you could recruit, to be honest. I have a ton of playtime and no life, and I love it. I am by no means new to raiding, nor to grinding out new content. I started MMOGs back with EverQuest, and played that for about 5 years- and my guild met every challenge that Verant/SOE was able to throw at us. When I first started raiding on EQ, I was hooked , and since then thats all I have done.

I do realise there is a small problem with me currently, and that is my gear. I would like to assure you however, I am not by any means a newcomer to the raid game in WoW. I also have a hunter which I raided with, although due to PVE/PVP server limitations, I cannot use him here ( still Heart him though!). Although my former main was a hunter, I have every intention to play and love my mage should you decide to accept him.

I want to commit my raid schedule somewhere again, although I may have the lacking gear, I can guarantee you, I will hold my own wherever you need me. I want to join to be able to hammer out Naxxramas, and be ready for Burning crusade, and future expansions that Blizz throws at us after that. I want to commit to a guild where members won't sit back and only play on 'loot night'.

Optimal Play Times: I can and will be able to make most every raid. I have plenty of play time and

Monday Earliest : 2 pm

Monday Latest : 6 am

Tuesday Earliest : 2 pm

Tuesday Latest : 6 am

Wednesday Earliest : 2 pm

Wednesday Latest : 6 am

Thursday Earliest : 2 pm

Thursday Latest : 6 am

Friday Earliest : 2 pm

Friday Latest : 6 am

Saturday Earliest : 12pm

Saturday Latest : 5am

Sunday Earliest : 12 pm

Sunday Latest : 5 am

- I truely hope to hear back, if you all are even willing to give me a shot, I will show you what I have to offer. =)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 10:54 am 

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at this point in time our mage class is extremely full of well geared and exceptional players. although your gear and experience with your hunter is impressive, we won't be able to take your mage at its current state.

Don't be bad

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