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 Post subject: Rz - 60 Human Mage - Possible Transfer
PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:13 pm 
Your Name : Brad

Character Name : Rz

Your Age : 21

Level, Race, Class : 60, Human, Mage

Are you fully attuned (Ony/BWL/Naxx) : Yes

Your current talent spec : 12/36/3 - Have had most every spec out there, and some pretty unique ones... I repec alot, for entertainmenet purposes.

Your current gear (briefly) :

3 Netherwind, 2 arcanist, SoD, Touch of Chaos, Robe of Volatile Power.. but the best, but I was retired when my current guild started farming BWL.

Experience in PvP, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, Naxx :All of ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, no Naxx yet.

Your guild history (briefly) : Was in a guild on Bloodscalp that did tri-guild MC runs, then they all split up, moved to Prefects on Bloodscalp, spent almost 8 months there, from their first Rag kill to their first full BWL clear

Why are you leaving your current guild to join us? The server I am on is overran with horde, to the point where farming is not something you can do, and the majority of the players on the server are elitist assholes, or really bad at their class. I know people who used to play on this server, who had no complaints.

Why should we recruit you over anyone else on this server?

A: I am fresh blood from a different server

B: I know my role in a raid... I know that decursing>DPS in some fights, I know that a POM Pyro is not the way to open a boss fight, I have been through the 2 more popular 40 man instances, and was once a class leader of a guild I was in for 6 months.

Your Optimal Play Times: (we will never raid before 6pm PST on any weekday)

(we usually send invites at 5:30pm and are ready to pull at 6)

Currently unemployed, any time any day works for me... I live on the West Coast, so when I go back to work, 530pm server shouldn't be a problem at all.

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